About us

ibb GmbH was founded in 1985 as a trading company. The first sharpening orders from the machining industry made the purchase of the grinding shop Jahn necessary to fulfill these requirements. The foundation of today’s CUTTING TOOLS was laid. In order to meet the growing demands on cutting tools, the originally only manual machinery was expanded by the purchase of the first CNC machines. Due to the increasing demand of industrial customers for high-quality cutting tools, the founder Herbert Zikoll decided in 1992 to start the production of milling tools and drills at the Lohmar site. To simplify the assignment of the tools to their application purposes, the product idea of ​​”Multi Colored Heavy Metal” was created.

In 2008, with Tobias Zikoll the second generation joined the company and has been managing the business since 2012. Since relocating to the new production site in Rösrath in 2011, production capacitie are constantly being expanded. In the meantime, the company ibb Zerspanungstechnik GmbH is a medium-sized family business and supplies worldwide customers of the automotive, aerospace, mold and die- and the dental industry. In addition to the production and sale of its own portfolio of solid carbide end mills and special tools, the company has also established itself as a producer of OEM products. Since its foundation, the company has been family-owned.

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Company philosophy

Since founding our family business, our goal has been to provide a safe future for young people. Education for us is the pursuit of precision, to promote the creativity of the individual and thereby to develop interpersonal relationships, to continue family values. We see our customers and suppliers as partners, this partnership we underline through innovation, flexibility and through our over 30 years acquired technical know-how. Our customers can convince themselves every day of our high quality “made in Germany”. Our selected base substrates are exclusively of European origin and guarantee consistent quality.


Our everyday life is fundamentally shaped by the constant availability of electricity. Nevertheless, this permanent provision – and thus continuous production – is often taken for granted. Especially for us as a manufacturing company, a permanently constant power supply is indispensable.

Not all forms of production are automatically environmentally friendly. To prevent effectively the climate change, we are convinced that switching the entire energy supply to renewable energies in the long term is necessary.

We, ibb Zerspanungstechnik GmbH, consciously opt for climate protection and have completely switched our electricity supply to renewable energies.

We cover 100% of our electricity requirement by buying the green electricity product RenewablePLUS, which is produced exclusively from renewable energies and climate-neutral. In this way, we actively contribute to the energy transition and position ourselves visibly as a sustainably oriented company that attaches importance to ecological and future-oriented electricity production. The eco-label RenewablePLUS is a proof of origin for green electricity. It is audited and certified annually by TÜV Rheinland.

100 % climate-neutral

The CO2 emissions incurred in the construction and operation of the power plants are made carbon neutral through emission reduction certificates. The certificates come from sustainable climate protection projects that meet the strict requirements of the TÜV Rheinland certified label ÖkoPLUS.

transparency & safety

The certified green electricity quality of the label RenewablePLUS is ensured by internationally recognized guarantees of origin, which prevent double marketing and document the origin of renewable energy as well as the ecological property of the electricity reliably and transparently. In Germany, this is done via the certificate of origin of the Federal Environmental Agency.

monthly equality

The criteria for the eco-electricity label are the creation of the proof of origin and a forecast for the needs of the consumer. The RenewablePLUS certificate specifies both the required amount of electricity and the required period of time. The offsetting is monthly. It is regularly noted when the respective guarantees of origin are generated and the amount of electricity linked with them is produced. This promotes continuous power generation.

Product philosophy


Breaking strength, hardness, grain size, composition – all important properties that influence the machining process. Up to seven different substrates/carbides are processed to exploit tool potential.

Geometry of the tool

Wedge angles, variable or dynamic flute shapes, spiral angles or protective chamfers – our tools are always adapted in their geometry to the respective machining in order to maximally influence the performance of the tool.

Preparation of the cutting edge

Machining takes place on the cutting edge – already in production, the focus is on repeatable, optimal results for surfaces and edge radii. Through the targeted and application-oriented preparation of the cutting edges microgeometry tool life increases up to a factor of four can be realized

Coating of the tool

Cutting and processing speeds are getting higher, the need for higher wear resistance and oxidation resistance is getting increasingly important – adapted coatings offer the opportunity to increase performance.

Contact persons


Tobias Zikoll

managing director


Herbert Zikoll



Jonas Kleinau



Davide Cinconze



Bärbel Zikoll



Andreas Krause



Lukas Kranzhoff



Manuela Fengler



Merisa Pjanić


The family spirit and cohesion shape the trust in all our partnerships and influence our daily activities.

Herbert Zikoll – Distribution

High quality
Made in Germany

precise grinding

At ibb we work on state-of-the-art multi-axis grinding machines. In order to meet the more complex process possibilities and the associated increased demands on cutting tools, the machines of the manufacturers ANCA, WALTER, ROLLOMATIC and TRUTECH SYSTEMS are used. This way the necessary flexibility in the market can be maintained.

accurate measuring

Grinding good tools is one thing. The quality features to verify the other. Especially in the micro range, with special tools but also with highly accurate radii or contours, the objective and non-contact quality control is essential. ibb gives another quality promise: additionally, to precise verification in process, all tools are 100% controlled.

clean preparation

If you want to deliver quality, you need a suitable tool – only with perfect preparation can perfect tools be made. Presetting, dressing, balancing are processes whose influence is decisive for the later tool quality. Thanks to this high vertical range of manufacture, quality-relevant operations remain in-house and can be positively influenced.



Sharpening blunt and worn tools is usually an economical alternative to buying new ones. We grind your tools on our CNC machines and recondition them. Depending on your requirements, also with coating, edge preparation, measurement protocol or labeling!Try our pick-up and delivery service – we’re here to help.


As a manufacturer of cutting tools, we know the enormous importance of a good coating. In order to always be able to offer the right coating, we work with a large network of reputable suppliers. You want maximum wear protection? More efficiency? Or a quick execution in a few days?Whatever your requirements may be, we’ll be happy to help you keep track and find the right coating for your tool and application.

Dressing/ Balancing

Perfect tools need perfect preparation. Without suitable tools, no good result can be achieved. These include above all perfectly conditioned grinding wheels. Because every detail counts in the production of quality, we work exclusively with balanced grinding wheel packages.With this knowledge, we are happy to assist you in the preparation of your grinding wheels. Accurate, reliable and on time!

Laser marking

With our laser marking systems, we are able to label and mark a variety of materials and surfaces. Graphics, barcode, matrix code or just a serial number – just the way you want it.With a comparably large workspace, it is also possible to realize non-branch objects or complex labeling tasks.

Technical advice

A good tool also requires good advice. We are happy to assist you in solving your processing task – both by phone and at your location.

Your advantage - our promise

4 factors for a perfect tool

Substrate, geometry, cutting microgeometry and coating – perfectly matched.

High productivity

by perfectly matching the tool to the application.

100% quality control

several times in the process. Guaranteed.

Short delivery time

through high availability and flexible reaction times.

Fast assignment by colored marking

no confusion – quick orientation thanks to color coded tools.

Best surfaces

for optimum milling results and close tolerances.