Precision dental tools

Dental tools from ibb can be easily integrated into your existing system using “Plug & Mill“ -geometries and surfaces are adapted to the requirements of the respective materials and machines. The experience gained from machining applications in other industries is incorporated into the design of the tools.

Perfectly balanced

Carbide substrate, geometry, micro-geometry of the cutting edge and the coating of the tools are adapted to the application in the respective material.

Craft tradition and industrial progress

Over 30 years of tradition and experience – applied on multi-axis CNC grinding machines allow highest precision.

Guaranteed quality

100% quality control – in addition to process measurement.

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Glass-/hybrid ceramic

Our tools offer optimum performance in the processing of lithium silicate glass ceramics. Due to the optimized application of the diamonds of our GBDIA coating, excellent grinding results in terms of tool life and surface quality can be achieved. The geometry, in cylindrical or conical design, was designed as a “Plug & Mill” design to easily integrate the tools into your existing system.


As fast as the variety of materials in the dental industry develops, it is important to design new tool geometries for their machining. ibb tools today process many other materials such as gold, plaster, composites and others. Effective and economical processing is always in focus. We are happy to help you with your application.

Tradition of craftsmanship and industrial progress guide us in our striving for perfection, the perfect tool, the solution for the customer.

Tobias Zikoll – Managing Director

coating types


For applications where polished surfaces and precise, sharp cutting edges are required for optimal results.


Due to increased oxidation and abrasion resistance, it is optimally suited for machining CoCr, titanium. In addition, high thermal shock stability and strong, very smooth surfaces for extremely high tool stability and good chip removal.


Particularly recommended for special machining applications in CoCr and Titanium thanks to its excellent wear resistance and very high thermal stability and oxidation resistance. Easy chip removal thanks to outstanding surface quality.


Thanks to the particularly surface finish, very high layer smoothness with little tendency to adhesion, making it ideal especially for soft materials. Exact precision in the layer thickness enables exact, sharp cutting edges to be realized.


Especially suitable for processing zirconium oxide, as a compromise to the DIA PREMIUM coating thanks to very high layer hardness with a very smooth layer surface. Optimum protection against adhesive and abrasive wear.


Optimum solution for machining zirconium oxide. Nanocrystalline structure for good coating surfaces with extremely high layer hardness. Optimized layer thickness for excellent resistance to abrasive wear.


By means of an adapted topology of the cutting grains with regard to arrangement and grain size, a high removal rate in the abrasive machining is achieved.

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Your advantage - our promise

4 factors for a perfect tool

Substrate, geometry, cutting microgeometry and coating – perfectly matched.

High productivity

by perfectly matching the tool to the application.

100% quality control

several times in the process. Guaranteed.

Short delivery time

through high availability and flexible reaction times.

Fast assignment by colored marking

no confusion – quick orientation thanks to color coded tools.

Best surfaces

for optimum milling results and close tolerances.